2021 Agribusiness Academy Graduating Class

2021 Agribusiness Academy Graduating Class


Far West Agribusiness Academy is revamped this year offering a series of personality assessments and tactics to advance in your company. Using the Myer-Briggs personality test coupled with a certified MBTI trainer is guaranteed to bring insight to yourself and how to effectively communicate with your employees.  


Far West Agribusiness Association is thrilled to introduce Natalie Hilde with Thompson Consulting Group.  Natalie has over 18 years of experience of Management Consulting and Human Resources experience. As a certified MBTI practitioner, she is passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential. 

Future of Agribusiness Academy 

Thompson Consulting Group has worked with agricultural companies such as Syngenta and WinCo foods to train upcoming rising superstars to successfully manage employees and  human resource needs. As an association, we are diligently working to set-up this program as a ladder training. Let us know what your company needs are and how we can better serve your company!